(PHM Technology MADe)

고장 예지 및 건전성관리, MADe가 답입니다.
PHM Technology의 MADe를 이용하여 모델링, 분석 및 의사결정 지원 워크플로우를 통한 성능, 운용 가용도 및 유지보수 비용에 영향을 주는
엔지니어링 기반 리스크를 저감할 수 있습니다.

Modeling and Analysis

  • - Systems Engineering approach to functional modeling of multi-domain systems
  • - Concurrent engineering analyses from a single point of truth
  • - Consistency of data structures / analysis workflows / reporting outputs

Design Optimization

  • - Multi-domain To achieve Operational Availability of 95% what reliability do the subsystems need?
  • - How can we conduct safety & reliability analysis concurrently with the design?
  • - How much will this design cost to operate and maintain?

Sustainment Optimization

  • - Multi-domain What happens to maintenance costs if we increase the operating temp?
  • - Concurrent engineering analyses from a single point of truth
  • - How can we reduce the maintenance budget for our existing equipment?

Reliability and Maintainability

  • - How will this system be used – how does this impact reliability / safety?
  • - Where will this system be used – and how will this impact on maintenance costs?
  • - What is the optimal maintenance approach?

Safety and Risk Assessment

  • - If you don’t identify a risk – how can you identify it? Objective, model-based risk identification.
  • - What are the critical risks for this support concept?
  • - What are the potential key system degraders of this design configuration?

PHM / CBM Design and Validation

  • - What inherent diagnostic capability does this system have?
  • - Does this sensor / suite ‘buy its way onto the platform’?
  • - Generate model-based diagnostic rules for fault detection / isolation


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